Today, I went to the Stonehenge which is stone architecture built at BC 3000.

Since I took part in the social program, I had to go to school by 8:15 this morning.

So, I went to school earlier than usual regard of holiday.

Anyway, the Stonehenge was very interesting to me!!

I wondered why ancient people built that.

According to one theory, it is thought that it was built for watching the star.

After that, we went to Salisbury which is a town like the Middle Ages.

The Salisbury Cathedral whose tower is the highest in the UK was very wonderful.

After watching the Salisbury Cathedral, I ate lunch at McDonald.

The McDonald's burger in the UK is just a little larger than Japan.

After eating lunch, I went to the bookstore and bought a book.

I want to finish reading the book until i come back to Japan (Maybe I'll not be able).

I came home at 6:30.

After eating dinner(usually papa cooking!), two daughter danced before me and their parent.

It was so cute!!

And then, I'm writing this diary now.

I've not decided yet what I'm doing tomorrow, but I want to go to the National Gallery.

See you tomorrow!

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