Today was first day for me in the school.

I left home at 7:00 and walked to the nearest station(Southfield) and took a ride to the train.

It took about 5 min from Southfield to Wimbledon.

At first, I got lost in Wimbledon, so I asked someone and was told the way to School.

At school, at first I took some examination(grammar, writing, speaking), and my classroom was found out.

There were 15 students in my classroom(4Japanese 5Korean 2Thailand 2Turkey 1Germany 1Swedish)

The class was interesting to me.

After class, I followed two friends and went to the Notting Hil and looked for something.

It was my first time when I went sightseeing, so it was very interesting!

After that, I went to the Kensington Gardens which is next to the Hyde Park.

It was very wide and large, so I was relaxed.

I was able to spend an enhanced day.

See you tomorrow!


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