Since I came to the UK, one week has passed !!

Today, I had not decided what to do, so I had slept until 8:30

After eating breakfast, I decided to go to the National Gallery.

In the UK, almost all of the famous museum is free and the National Gallery is not also exception.

The National Gallery has a lot of famous paintings which contain Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci or Pablo Picasso and so on.

It took more than two hours to look, but I couldn't look at everything in detail.

After that, I walked from there to St. James park through the Big Ben and Westminster Abbey(Actually, I wanted to enter and look, but the admission fee was very expensive, so I gave up).

St. James park is very very wonderful because it is very wide and large and there are many animals.

It was the first time I saw a real squirrel !!

I sat on a bench and read the book an hour or so.

I love that time very very much !!

After retirement, I want to spend my old age in that park.

In London, there are so many places to visit(ex. British Museum, National Gallery, Big Ben and so on), but I think my favorite place is the park.

Today also was good day.

See you tomorrow !

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