The One Minute Manager

One Minute Manager / Ken Blanchard

This book is written about business, but like a novel, and very easy to read because it is very thin.

According to this book, there are three keys of success to manage.

That is, One Minute Goal Setting, One Minute Praising, One Minute Reprimand.

One Minute Goal Setting means that the manager should make his/her subordinates setting goal which is simple and can be explained in one minute.

One Minute Praising means that the manager should notice what his/her subordinates did well and praise him/her behavior in one minute.

One Minute Reprimand means that if his/her subordinates make some mistake, the manager should reprimand his/her behavior in one minute.

These make the team or employee who the manager work with comfortable, and makes more benefits.

I think that what this book says is very simple, but important.

If you become interested with this book, why don't you check ?

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